My little Valentine

I work at a high school and have the privilege of sharing time with about 20 seniors as they help in the guidance office each day.  This year’s office aides are extra special to me.  They ask me about Beaux and how the adoption is going.  And they wonder if they will be in town when we get to bring him home, or if they will be away at college.  I hope the idea of adopting has been planted in their minds.  I hope sometime down the road they will consider adopting and think back to their senior year when crazy Ms. Davis talked all the time about her adorable little boy who was in Haiti waiting to come home to her.  One of my sweet girls, Kristen, painted this canvas and gave it to me this morning… on Valentine’s Day.  I absolutely love it and I gotta tell you, I AM quite smitten with my little Beaux.  He truly has stolen my heart.