I Still Believe

Have you ever felt like God was calling you to do something big and scary?  And everything around you points to following God and having faith that this is His plan.  So you decide to do this big scary thing.  You take a deep breath, pray, pray, pray, and take a leap into the uncertainty.  You do it.  You really do it…and you’re excited to see how God works in this, the scariest situation you have ever had the courage to do.

But then, you come to a major road block.  And God is telling you to wait.  Now, instead of that Holy Spirit voice deep down inside you saying “Follow Me”  it’s saying “Wait on Me”. 
Why does He do this? 
It’s frustrating…(can I say that?)
Because I’m ready to go forward with this.  I’m ready to trust that His plan is perfect.  And even though it’s scary and not anything I would have planned I’m ready to see Him show up in all of this. 

It’s now been a few days since I first found out we were at a standstill.  I’ve had time to process a little and grieve a lot.  I’m not sure where we are headed.  But I have decided that I still believe that God has his hand on the situation.  I still believe that God has a perfect plan.
I still believe.

Have you ever been called by God to do something scary , then He told you to wait?
Share your thoughts…


Disclaimer: This is not a post about our precious little Beaux in Haiti. We are leaving on Friday to go for another visit with him. I can’t wait to see see him and share our experience with you next week. Please join us in praying that the adoption process there would move smoothly and quickly.