What I Learnt

I don’t think learnt is actually a word. But it should be. This is what I have learnt in the last 2 weeks:

1. Beaux Morino is precious.

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Of course I already knew this but I learnt it on a deeper level on our trip to Haiti earlier this month. He is just precious and I love him with all my heart. I love each of my kiddos in different ways and Beaux is no exception. He is smart, kind, and compassionate. You might wonder how I could know that being that we don’t speak the same language. But he has shown me each of those characteristics each time we have visited him. So, yeah, he’s pretty great. J Beaux is also all boy. He loves to kick balls, and stomp on bugs, and get dirty. He reminds me a lot of my other son, Adam. I’m so looking forward to the day when my two boys can meet each other.

2. Sometimes ministry looks like this.


I learnt that sometimes being the hands and feet of Jesus means you get the chance to have a visitor stay at your house for a week. He’s adorable and has really settled in with us. He loves playing with my doggie kiddos although I don’t think they understand the kind of ministry they are supposed to be doing. They are not being hospitable at all. I think they are stuck up…

or too old….

no, they’re stuck up.

3. Our timing is not God’s timing.

The last time I posted I was grumpy and confused…sorry about it being such a downer. But, when you want to do something big and an organization gives you a deadline of Friday at 5:00 to get this something big, you tend to take them seriously. I know I’m talking in code, but I can’t reveal this big thing yet because it’s still in the works. We are collaborating with God on a big project (I love the thought of that). The deadline went by leaving us disappointed and confused. But this project has taken root in our hearts and our God is a big God and He knew that Friday @ 5:00 wasn’t the real deadline. So we are moving forward with anticipation of how this will all play out. I’m really, really hoping to make a big announcement by the end of the week. But I learnt God’s timing is not our timing so I might not be able to make a big announcement by the end of the week. It’s all in His hands. J

That’s what’s been going on in my world lately. What have you learnt this week?


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