33 days

…until our next visit with Beaux  🙂  we sure do miss that little guy.  this whole adoption experience has been one surprise after another, starting with the idea that God had this little guy in our futures.  Beaux has become such an intimate part of our everyday even though he is physically over 1700 miles away from us.  we think about him, pray for him, hope he’s safe and happy. when we’re out and about we’re always looking for things…clothing, toys, even food (shhh, don’t tell Joey), that we think he might like.  he is such a part of us.  everyday. he is our child.  and we miss him so much. 

i have come to understand that haitian adoptions are a rollercoaster ride.  one day a new law is passed and you think “hallelujah” let’s get this process on the fast track.  then weeks go by and you realize (again) that in Haiti nothing is on the fast track.  it’s so hard for us to understand how the president of a country could have so many more important things to do than add his signature to a file that will give a child a forever family (this is our hold up right now…btw, the president has never withheld signing a dispensation, he just has to take the time to actually sit down and add his signature to the many files of children waiting, that’s it).   you can probably hear a little frustration in my tone.  yeah, i’m a little peeved at the process but this is the road we were led to.  and God knew how long adoptions take in haiti, and He keeps teaching us so much and opening our hearts to Him. I have come to understand, even though it is hard to admit, that right at this moment I’m not yet the mama beaux needs.  i have more to learn and God is refining me (us) and when we get that call that we have a VISA appointment in haiti it will be the right time. i trust God enough to know that (and there will be major celebrating here in tennessee).

so, until that call comes I keep searching and learning everything I can about God, and parenting, and the world, and life. and I keep counting down to our next visit.
33 more days….


My little Valentine

I work at a high school and have the privilege of sharing time with about 20 seniors as they help in the guidance office each day.  This year’s office aides are extra special to me.  They ask me about Beaux and how the adoption is going.  And they wonder if they will be in town when we get to bring him home, or if they will be away at college.  I hope the idea of adopting has been planted in their minds.  I hope sometime down the road they will consider adopting and think back to their senior year when crazy Ms. Davis talked all the time about her adorable little boy who was in Haiti waiting to come home to her.  One of my sweet girls, Kristen, painted this canvas and gave it to me this morning… on Valentine’s Day.  I absolutely love it and I gotta tell you, I AM quite smitten with my little Beaux.  He truly has stolen my heart.