Tree Up

We finally got our Christmas tree put up and decorated yesterday.  Usually, this is a tradition that we enjoy the day after Thanksgiving every year.  Usually, I want so badly to get that tree down from the attic and put it up as soon as I hear Jingle Bells playing in Hob Lob the day after Labor Day.  Usually, Joey has to put his foot down and demand that we enjoy Thanksgiving completely before moving on to the next event of the season.  But this year everything seems to be a little different.  I’m different.


I got this ornament yesterday at a crafts fair – it’s the outline of Haiti with a heart in the center.  I loved the tag that was on the ornament as much as the ornament itself, so I hung them both on the tree.  This pretty much sums up what I’m feeling lately.  I’m here…but my heart is in Haiti.  I feel like I’m missing a part of myself.  And I am.  Even though Beaux hasn’t officially been declared my son, I know in my heart that he is.  And I miss him.  And I wish he was here with us.


I have a friend I met online who is adopting an adorable little girl from the same orphanage we are.  They are at the very end of this “forever” process of adoption and will be leaving as soon as they get their visa appointment to go pick her up and bring her home in time for Christmas.  I’m so grateful she will be taking a little Christmas gift to Beaux for us.   It’s just a small little car and a card with a picture of us.  I managed to put together a couple of sentences in Creole.  Hopefully his nanny will be able to read it to him.  The card says:

Dearest Berlino,

You are precious.  We love you.

Mama Blanch & Papa Blanch

We love you, Beaux!  IMG_3361



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