My Election Thoughts

I must admit, I was a briefly depressed after the election.  Yes, I identify more with the Republicans and it didn’t go the way I had voted.  I don’t have an explanation for that other than our country is changing.  I work with a lot of democrats (teachers) and they really do believe that we are better off than we were 4 years ago.  We clearly see things differently.   But I’ve been thinking about where I stand politically and, quite frankly, have been feeling like I’m missing something.  I came across this blog post yesterday and it articulates what I’ve been wrestling with for the last few months so much better than I ever could, please read it.  Somehow, we as Christians have to stop putting politics above what God has commanded us to do:
LOVE your neighbor…
Even if they voted for the other guy.
Even if they can’t find a job and they are forced into receiving government assistance.
Even if they choose not to find a job and live on government assistance.
Even if they have a different view about homosexuality or if they have AIDS or they’ve had an abortion.
Even if they don’t believe in God. 
We are to take care of the hurting, the poor, the widows, the orphans, the neglected, the outcasts.
Respect and compassion…that’s what changes the world.
I’m actually quite hopeful, now.  I am allowing God to change me.  And somehow the things that I used to find myself getting all stressed out about because “I know I’m right and you’re wrong and I’m going to make sure you know it”, those things don’t seem quite as important anymore.  It feels good to let that angry-ness go. 
I don’t know what is in store for America over the next 4 years.  But I know that God works all things to the good of those that love Him.  And I will put my trust in Him…not in the politicians of either party.

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