3 Little Words

I found a little gift this morning and oh, how it made me smile.

It’s been a stressful week for me. It was a long week at work. I constantly followed Hurricane Sandy on the weather channel and worried about the devastation that another storm was having on Haiti. I received an unwelcome phone call from my doctor.

BUT, as I lay in bed early this morning I began looking through some pictures I had taken of Beau on my cell phone. I came across a video of him smiling and playing in the orphanage courtyard…and as I was watching the most amazing thing happened…I heard him SPEAK. Now, I only heard him speak 2 or 3 times during the whole 3 days we were with him. Just a few words each time. How did I not know that I got that little gift on video? I have no idea what 3 little words he said but hearing those 3 little words in Haitian Creole made my whole world turn right side up. I am so thankful for hearing and seeing that video this morning.


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