Empowered to Connect

Joey and I are lucky enough to be attending a conference called Empowered to Connect.  I say lucky because Dr. Karen Purvis, founder of said conference, has devoted her life to developing research-based interventions for at-risk children.  We sat and listened to her most of the day yesterday and learned so much, it went by too quickly.  I know Joey was thinking he would go the first day (to make me happy) and then maybe skip out on the 2nd day, but even he enjoyed it and is looking forward to going back again today :0

I think most of my family/friends believe that my expectations are that we will bring Bo home from the orphanage and he will fit in to our home and lives effortlessly and we will all live happily ever after.  That’s not really what I think.  I’ve read books, spent hours and hours researching the internet, met with social workers, read more books, followed multiple blogs by moms who have adopted children from hard places.  I know about the risks and challenges that face adoptive parents. God is blessing us with the opportunity to be parents to another precious child and I am humbled that He would choose us.  (It’s not because we were unbelievably wonderfully perfect parents the first time around and those of you that know us personally would, I’m sure, agree!)  So, I want to go into this thing well prepared, ready for the unique and sometimes uncomfortable situations I know we will face.  So, bring on the conferences, books, blogs…I can’t seem to get enough of them.


Only 15 days til we meet Bo! Whoop Whoop


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