God’s Got This!

I feel like this journey we are on is so totally growing my faith.  God’s really in on this thing.  Listen to this,  on Thursday morning we had a “Pre-Referral” interview with our agency’s Haiti coordinator.  She is the one who knows the children in the orphanage personally and is able to match the right kid with the right family.  So, we go into this thing thinking we’ll answer a bunch of questions about like “what are your strengths”  or “are you sure you want to do this” (“yes, we are sure” we’ll say for the millionth time).  We’ll have to tell a little bit about our amazing parenting skills (uh-umm, joke) that we have because we’ve already raised 3 kids and they now all live on their own, they all have jobs, 2 of them are married, they’ve given me two of the most adorable grandkids you’ve ever seen (still working on Adam and Nikki to get the process going).  Wow, when I say it like that it does sound like we did a pretty good job at our first parenting gig.  But back to the interview, we answer her questions as best we could, then at the end she says “I never do this, BUT I KNOW EXACTLY THE LITTLE BOY THAT WOULD FIT INTO YOUR FAMILY”  AHHHHHH, I was in shock.  She proceeds to tell us about this adorable little boy’s personality and we had to agree that it did sound like he would fit into to our large, crazy family.  It’s not an official referral yet, with all of the information that you would normally get in an official referral presentation, but we should get that info on Monday.  Wow, God is so in control of this whole thing….He really is.   When she told us his name I knew exactly who she was talking about.  I have been obsessing over pictures that she frequently sends out to adopting families when she comes home from her trips to Haiti.  I have actually commented that he is so cute and I would love to be his mom.  Last night I was reading someone’s blog about their 6 month wait for a referral from an orphanage we initially started with.  God lead us away from that orphanage and agency, which at the time I didn’t understand and honestly it was a little hurtful. But now I get it.  God’s got this.

I’m hoping next week I’ll be able to present our new little boy to you.  I have to get his official information, have our doctor look over his medical info, pay a large sum of money to our agency (reminding myself that God’s got this).   Then I’ll be able to show everyone his adorable little face.

Thank you, God, for what is coming about in my life.  You are changing me, and at each little growth spurt I look back and wonder why I didn’t I didn’t surrender to you sooner.  But I also look ahead with anticipation to where you’ll lead me next.  Thank you for this little boy, whom I love already.  He is precious and I know you have a special plan for his life.  God, I know love me. I know You’ve got this and I’m so thankful You do.



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