So Blessed

Feeling so blessed today.  Still on a high from our Haiti trip.  In case you didn’t see photos on Facebook (uh-ummm, Tiffany :)) HERE they are.  There’s a bunch.  We had so much fun working and living life with the people in the little village of Neply.  We painted rooms, built screen doors, fixed basketball goals, did laundry (completely by hand..scars to prove it!) for some specific families in the village, swept and mopped their homes, and best of all just loved on the children.   If your interested, visit myLIFEspeaks and find out more about the ministry.  I know we will be going back.

The high point of our week was visiting the orphanage that our son will be coming from, pictures HERE.  We didn’t go to Haiti thinking this would be possible.  But through some circumstances that God had His hand in, we got that opportunity.  Yay God!!   Wow,  what an experience.  The children were happy, clean, eager to show us what they have been learning in school.  We just sat on the floor and played, loved, colored with them.  They didn’t speak English and we don’t speak Kreyole but crayons and smiles & hugs brought us together to the point that it was hard to leave them.  They especially loved having their pictures taken and I love that I have pictures of all of them.  I know my son is in one of my pictures somewhere and we are within 1 month of finding out which one he is.  Blessed.


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